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Blkluv Logo Tee

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Our Logo tees represent what our company stands for and that's selfluv, cultural luv and unity, The owner views black love differently than most. To her black love is buying black, it's knowing and understanding black history, it's loving your beautiful black skin, it's uniting the black community. But most importantly blkluv is family

We operate as a family here at Made with Blkluv. From the photographer to the models, to the immediate family members that assist with daily tasks to keep this brand going. We want you to know when you purchase from us, you're purchasing from family.

Self luv is the best luv. This tee was created to encourage you to always luv yourself first and to furthermore remind you that your blk is beautiful. 


100% Cotton

Premium Tee, Tag less for ultimate comfort.

Model is wearing a size L.