About Us


The Story Behind the Brand

My parents both came from broken families. Highschool sweethearts from a small town called Newport, Arkansas. Happily married 41 years and had 5 beautiful children before my mother's passing in 2012. I was blessed to see the positive side of black love growing up. My parents are truly the definition of it and the reason why I'm so passionate about the subject. Their love story is the foundation of this brand. 

Although I had an amazing example of black love growing up, I wasn't as fortunate in the department lol. So I created this brand not only to celebrate black love, but to also encourage others who struggle with love as I did, not to give up on it. We all deserve to be loved, we all deserve love like my mother and father had. But first we must learn to love ourselves. For self love is the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

Whether this is your first time or 100th time visiting my store I want to thank you for helping me Spread Blk Luv. 

With Blk Luv,

Delicia Brown

Founder of Blk Luv Apparel