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About Us



The Story Behind the Brand

My parents both came from broken families. Highschool sweethearts from a small town called Newport, Arkansas. Happily married 41 years and had 5 beautiful children before my mother's passing in 2012. I was blessed to see the positive side of black love growing up. All my life I've been surrounded with love, and everything I do is with love. Hint: The name of my brand Made with Blk Luv

The sole mission of this brand is to simply Spread Blk Luv. We choose to do this by partnering and collaborating with as many black owned businesses as we can to create our finished products. You'll hear me say often Blk Luv is Supporting our Own. Buying black and keeping black dollars in the black community is one of the many ways we choose to spread love within our community. Our ultimate goal is to be 100% black operated and manufactured. If you have any information that can help us obtain this goal please contact us at info@madewithblkluv.net.  

Whether this is your first time or 100th time visiting my store I want to thank you for helping me Spread Blk Luv. 


With Blk Luv,

Delicia Brown

CEO/Founder of Made with Blk Luv